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Daytime Rooftop Concert



Healing the world through music by inspiring people to get back up again; that's the message of Singer/Songwriter Andrew Kurtz. You’ll hear elements of pop, blues, gospel, and even worship anthems when listening to Andrew’s music.


As a Worship Pastor for 7 years at a church of over 3,000, Andrew fuses his passion for ministry with a career in music. His releases are energetic and inviting but it’s the message, Andrew says, that’s the most important part of every song. His faith the deepest inspiration behind each lyric.


Andrew has never been afraid to share that faith with the world. His greatest hope is that his life and his music will be an example, not of a perfect journey, but one lived in surrender and obedience to God. 


Keep up with Andrew’s journey by listening to his music, visit his blog, and following him on social media!

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