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Believe - Story Behind The Song

It started with the first verse. Several years ago I wrote verse 1 of this song while sitting at a piano in the Green Room at my church, but the creative juices stopped flowing after that. "Believe" is one of those songs that took a REALLY long time to write. And by REALLY long time, I mean 2 years.

During those 2 years I lived through a lot. I made great friends then lost them, bought a house and lost it, bought my first dog and had to give him up, had to deal with deep offenses, started seeing a counselor and went through a breakup or two. Just to name a few things. I'm not complaining, just trying to give you a picture that a lot of life happened during the time I wrote this song. And all of that went into the lyrics.

I think this song took me so long because these lyrics were ones I had to earn. I had to live them before I could write them.

To me, this song is less of a song and more of a prayer. It's my heart crying out for God from a place of brokenness. Me sharing this song with you is like handing you my journal and letting you to read every word. If you listen to the lyrics they speak of my doubts, my hopes amidst challenges, my heart's desires, and the things I'm grateful for. It's all about my personal journey of faith.

I pray this song encourages you to live your life for Jesus. I would never have made it through that time of life without Him. I'm just not that strong a person. It's not always easy and it doesn't come with a bunch of flowers and butterflies, but it's SO worth it to be able to experience His perfect peace no matter what life brings.


Where once was death now there's life

Where once was dry bones, they've come alive

Where once stood fear, guilt and shame

Now stands a life washed in Jesus name

Where once was bondage and every curse

Now there is freedom from every hurt

I once was blinded, but now I see

My eyes are opened, now I believe

And once I chose that narrow way, that road to Jesus

My life was changed

And still I choose it every day

Through storms and trouble, through joy and pain

There is a fire that tests my faith

But You are with me, I'm not afraid

And though I'm tossed by a thousand seas

Through every trial, I still believe

In every valley, on every hill

Through every shadow You're with me still

Not for a moment am I alone

You go before me and You lead me home

And then one day I'll reach the end

My final breath and my last amen

I'll see behind me, the race I've run

And I'll hear my Father say "well done"

When I remember my proudest times

It won't be riches or spotlights

But let these words be my legacy

Those times I whispered "Lord, I believe"

Again I whisper "Lord, I believe"

Scripture references: Hebrews 11:1&7, John 3:16, Matthew 7:13-14, Isaiah 48:10, Psalm 23:4, Psalm 139:5, Matthew 25:21

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