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Break The Rules

Why do I release music? I’ve asked myself this question a number of times. I don’t want to put out music simply for the sake of putting out music, I want to put out music when I feel there’s something to say.

But I didn’t always feel that way.

When I first started writing I knew I had messages in me that I felt I was supposed to share with as many people as possible via the avenue of music but, for a long time, I got caught up in all the rules I had been told. “Don’t release anything except Christmas music in November and December,” “Make sure you have a large marketing plan when you have a release,” “Have a clear brand and stick to it,” and “Keep current with modern trends” rang in my mind regularly. Don’t get me wrong, all of those are actually wonderful things. However, I began living for those expectations that I felt from people around me instead of living from my heart and simply communicating the messages I felt led to share. I felt this inner need to do all these things perfectly, which led me to shy away from releasing much because it was such an unattainable goal.

So this past October I made a decision. Break the rules. Are the rules there for a reason? Yes. Are they the main point of what I’m doing? No. So I've decided that, if the rules begin to hinder the message rather than help it, it's time to break them.

So why am releasing music right now? And why a Mercy Says remix? Because I think the message of Mercy Says is still needed in today’s world. We NEED to understand what God says about us, and that the negative thoughts we tell ourselves are lies. And the remix- I’ve decided that life’s too short to not have fun and dance like nobody’s watching. So DO IT! Go ahead and dance a little! And smile while you’re reading this, because a smile is sunshine to the soul.

So there it is, like it or not. And I hope you like it, I really do! But more than that, I think releasing this song is growth for me, because I’m breaking a few rules that held me back for a while and sharing the message on my heart without hindrance.

Also, stay tuned for more soon. :)

#breaktherules #ccm #christianmusic #livingfromtheheart #livingtheadventure

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