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Guest Writer - Martha Fry: New Dreams

I've had the pleasure of knowing Martha Fry for many years. She's played the role of mentor, friend, coach, and so much more in my life. Check out her post below and be encouraged! - Andrew

Andrew, thank you for asking me to post on your web-site and to share about the new adventure I am embarking on.

About a year ago I felt a restlessness in my soul. So I incorporated a Life Coach in my life. To help me examine where I was and where I wanted to go. I knew if I was going to go some place I had never been and if I was going to do something I had never done I needed a coach to help me get there.

I joined a coaching group and I had an individual coach and I loved being a part of both of them. I also knew I loved meeting with people and helping them dream and move forward and walk in freedom. I had been doing that for years. So I decided to step out in faith and create something from nothing.

Last fall I started Martha Fry Coaching - Helping people live Emotionally, Spiritually, and Physically Healthy lives.

I have a weekly group coaching call where I teach leadership for about 30 min and then I take questions. All the sessions are saved on my web-site so if you miss it you can watch it later and you can just email me your questions.

Every month we are growing and I LOVE seeing people change and grow.

We did Coaching through Christmas and I heard so many stories of people who have dreaded Christmas for years enjoy their family and time together. That is a win.

I also did Coaching through the 21 Day of Prayer and Fasting and so many people were able to make it through all 21 days and then some really stretched themselves to do something they had never done before. One person did a liquid only day, and she said she never thought she could do that. Another lady was able to not do any sugar or bread and she said she never dreamed she could go without those things. She was so excited to see herself be able to deny her body and live.

That is my greatest joy is seeing people overcome and move into a new realm in their health, their relationship with God, and do soul care.

These group coaching calls have been so successful that I am starting a weekly group coaching call that is going to be about leadership in every area of our lives. I will also be bringing on special guests to speak to us about different topics. So anybody can join for only 50 a month. I cannot wait to see how people’s lives are going to move forward.

I also do one on one coaching and anybody can sign up for a free session to see what type of coaching is best for them.

I also love taking to people about health and helping them come up with a strategy so they can flourish as they get older.

I want to live and long as I’m living. I am not going to grow old gracefully I am going to fight it and thrive as I grow older. :)

Here is the deal, it was scary to step out and create something out of nothing. There were times of fear, doubt, tears, wanting to go back and a whole lot of other emotions. However, I surrounded myself with people who kept pushing me along and believing in me and encouraging me. So here I am a year later really living a new dream and dreaming new dreams.

I am not fading out. I am growing and stretching and creating and living life to the fullest. God is no respecters of persons and He will do the same for you, you just have to be willing to step out and do something you’ve never done before.

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