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Mercy Says - Story Behind The Song

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

"Mercy Says" was the one song from this EP that took hardly any time to write. As a matter of fact, it really only took about 10 minutes.

For much of my life, I've struggled to see value in myself. I see the flaws, I see the scars, I see the wrong things I've done and the mistakes that I've made. The day I wrote this song I just couldn't get out of my head how much I don't deserve what God has given me. I felt so unworthy and found myself asking questions like "Why on earth would God want me?" "How could He turn my story around enough to use it?" and "I'm supposed to be godly now, so why is it I keep messing up?"

But ever so gently, God whispered one word to me... "mercy."

I'd grown up in the type of environment where mercy wasn't much of a value, and I often even joked that I didn't have a merciful bone in my body. But now I needed it desperately, and I got it that day. I felt like a drowning swimmer who finally breaks the surface and gasps for air.

I started writing down statements of what God, in His mercy says about me. I actually wrote quite a few! Here is some of what I wrote in my journal that day:

- God's mercy says I'm chosen, despite my flaws

- God's mercy says He wants me, no matter what

- God's mercy says I can belong, I don't have to sit on the outside

- God's mercy says that I no longer have to be who I used to be

- God's mercy says there's always another chance

- God's mercy says my breakthrough is coming

And with those statements, I sat down at the piano and wrote this song.

To anyone out there struggling with self-doubt, insecurity, guilt, or shame - it doesn't have to be that way forever. There is hope. There is healing. There is mercy in JESUS. He sees something so much more in you than what you've ever been before. He sees a future for you!

"Your breakthrough's coming 'round the bend."

1 Peter 2:9-10, Romans 9:16, Hebrews 4:15-16


I see all the wrong I’ve done

I see all the times I’ve turned and I’ve run

But You look past the mess I’ve made

And You see more than what I’ve ever been

I know I could never measure up

I know I could never earn Your love

But You speak and all that comes undone

Mercy says I belong

Mercy says that I am not too far gone

You might be knocked down

But you can get up again

Your breakthrough’s coming ‘round the bend

That’s what mercy says

That’s what mercy says

You have called me from the dark

And You’re speaking straight to my heart

Calling me royalty, yes

Telling me things I never dreamed

Mercy meets me where I am

I know Mercy understands

#mercysays #storybehindthesong #mileaftermile

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