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Never Run Dry - Story Behind The Song

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

I grew up as a strong Christian and had a childhood that was mostly wonderful. I can’t remember my family ever missing church on Sunday and, while I’m thankful for an godly heritage and great family, that familiarity with church made it easy for me to start taking God for granted. I had reduced The Almighty to nothing more than a really nice guy and good friend who would listen to me when I needed Him to.

Oh, how small my faith had become.

But God has a way of reminding us of who He really is. I forgot to rely on Him as my Provider until one day, I was unable to provide for myself. The home I’d bought and was living in at the time was found to have some major issues that weren’t uncovered before the purchase, and I had to leave. I was left with a mortgage on a home I couldn’t live in. I was overwhelmed, afraid and angry. Financially, it was devastating and I genuinely believed I’d never recover.

But God provided in ways I never expected Him to, and ways that I could never have arranged myself. Almost every Sunday, people who knew nothing of the situation would approach me at church to tell me how God specifically instructed them to pray for me. I left almost every service with tears of gratitude. In one of my most needy times, God sent His provision my way through His people. My parents gave me a great place to stay. Friends and co-workers would randomly encourage me. I learned that God truly is Jehovah Jireh, which means “The Lord will provide.” And His provision never runs out, never runs dry.

So, as I always do, I wrote a song about that!

The title "Never Run Dry" came from a good friend who prayed that specific phrase over me in a prayer for God’s provision and encouragement. That moment in prayer was one of the strongest times I’ve ever felt God, and I still remember it so well to this day. It was a reminder of how limitless God is. His resources know no end. He holds everything we need and more.

So many scriptures spoke to me about God's provision in my life, and they ended up heavily influencing this song. Take a moment to look them up, and I know they’ll encourage you too. Also, remember that whenever you find yourself in a time of need, all you need can be found in Jesus.

Isaiah 43:18-20, John 4:7-26, Psalm 50:10-15


There’s a place I go

When I’m feeling alone

There’s a place I run

When I come undone

I have found a well

Where healing runs over

And I’ll never thirst again

Because I know that

Your love is like an ocean

It reaches far and wide

Your grace is like a fountain

And You never run dry

You’re never out of options

You’re never short on time

You hold my every answer

And You never run dry

There’s a man I know

He‘s the place I go

There’s a God I love

He’s the place I run

You’re my water in the desert

My oasis in the sun

You’re the river in the wasteland

You’re the way where there was none

#neverrundry #storybehindthesong #mileaftermile

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