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New Territory - Story Behind The Song

Usually when I write songs, I come up with some kind of hook, roll with that to write a chorus and a verse, and finally finish off the second verse and bridge later. Once it's done, I title it with what seems most natural and I'm on to the next song. Very structured.

Not so with this one.

The first thing that came to me was the title. It was a specific topic that God was teaching me about and I realized that, in order to write this song, I had to learn that lesson.

In August of 2018 I had this sense that my spiritual life was heading toward something new. I couldn't quite explain it, and there was no major visible change that I could share with people, but I knew that this was real and I'd never be the same. Fast forward to October and there I was, recording a song about it but still not knowing exactly what it meant. This song, New Territory, was the most difficult for me because I just could not seem to finish it on my own and in my timing. There were no shortcuts so I just had to learn the lesson, whatever that lesson may be.

I can be a pretty Type A personality. I want to understand things, I want to have a plan, and I want for the people around me to fit into my perfectly packaged box of what things should look like. The whole concept of this song was immensely challenging for me because it was so vague. I essentially had no idea what I was writing about, just that God was shifting something in me and I was trying to do my best to explain it in a song.

Oh, how wise God is. And how funny it must be for Him to watch me try to figure everything out.

Well, it turns out the thing God was trying to teach me was how to trust and follow Him as He brings about new opportunities; and the way He taught me was by taking me on this crazy spiritual journey that I had no clue where it would end up.

Some people would poeticize that. I hated it and I call it trial by fire.

But that's just like God, huh? He takes our little life boxes and messes them all up to remind us that His purposes for us are much bigger than those. If you're in that season where you just can't quite figure out what God is doing in your life, take heart. The ride will most certainly be uncomfortable, but you'll make it.

My favorite lines of the song are the very first ones I wrote, initially simply as a note to myself in my phone.

"Destination unknown and I ain't got a clue

But You've got the map

And I've got You."

Take some time today to meditate on what God is doing in your life. What new roads is He taking you down? Look up the scriptures below and ask God to speak to you through them.

Joshua 1:9, Isaiah 54:2-5, Jeremiah 29:11


Destination unknown

And I ain't got a clue

But You've got the map

And I've got You

Where are we headed?

I've asked before

But now I know better

Now I know

You’re leading me down

New roads, new trails

Into new territory, new territory

Making a way where only You can

Into new territory, new territory

And it’s got me like

Oh, na na na na na

Living the adventure

It’s true for every journey

There’s things that you leave behind

Like anxiety and worry

They’re no longer friends of mine

Every mile of every road

Every stop and every go

Take the lead, I’ll follow

#storybehindthesong #mileaftermile #newterritory

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