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It kind of sounds like one of those modified cuss words. Like "frigger" or "shut the front door." But no... "stroopwafels" are an amazing sweet treat from The Netherlands. I won't go into more details about how delicious they are... just go buy some and eat them with hot coffee. You'll be convinced.

A few days ago I was feeling particularly discouraged and wrestling with God on a certain issue, when I walked into my office to a small box of stroopwafels waiting for me on my desk. They are one of my favorite things, so I was quickly brought out of my funk with the feeling of pure joy! I smiled because I knew instantly who they were from. (Also, they left a note. That was a clue too.) These amazing pieces of heavenly goodness were dropped off by a friend who just happened to be thinking about me. Best. Friend. Ever.

And you know what, the discouragement I felt really did start to dissipate. It was a reminder that, even on the off days, God is there. It was like God wanted to tell me through those stroopwafels that He hasn't forgotten about me. I just need to pause long enough to notice.

There's a song that Mandisa released several years ago called "God Speaking." The lyrics paint such a vivid picture of how God uses all the things around us to remind us how much he loves us. The chorus says:

Who knows how He'll get ahold of us

Get our attention to prove He is enough

He'll do and He'll use

Whatever He wants to

To tell us "I love you."

Take some time to listen to that song today. Then slow down, look around, and listen to what God has to say to you through the everyday, ordinary things in life. I want to remind you, just as I was reminded, that God hasn't forgotten about you!

What is God speaking to YOU today?

My Stroopwafel friend, Anisa :D

#God #stroopwafels #simplethings #notforgotten

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