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Yesterday was Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays! It's a time where families come together, share great food and laughter, and gratefully reflect on their blessings. So this is going to be a very different kind of post.

My family's Thanksgiving was memorable, for sure. Here's a couple fun details.

The night before, we had a bonfire that got WAY bigger than planned. My 6'4" brother pictured beside it below. On the outside, we played tough but, inside our heads, I'm pretty sure we were both thinking something like "Oh, Lord this could be so bad..... please Jesus help us!" Eventually we got it under control and made S'mores about an hour and a half later.

I think we hit a new milestone in the "adults" growing older... since they sat around and took each others' blood pressure half the day. Then us younger generation got in on the action too! I regrettably report that mine's a little high... but then again I could hardly keep from laughing the whole time!

The main breakfast casserole was made the day before, but somehow it got stuck in the freezer instead of the fridge so when we went to make breakfast, it was frozen solid.

Then someone got a really bad charley horse in the middle of the house. Everything stopped and we all took time to figure out how to fix it, while the poor person yelled in pain. Some ran for the water and gatorade, some tried to massage it out, I looked for the lavender oil and started diffusing. (Martha Fry would be proud!)

Then we tried to get dinner ready and no one seemed to be ready to eat (except me and Aunt Lorelee). So we sat there for at least 15 minutes while everyone moseyed over to the table. Dinner was AMAZING. Thanks mom, Aunt Debbie, and my sister Hannah.

And THEN, we took that top picture.

As hilarious as our day was, those are the kind of moments you want to have with family. Those are the kind of things that create memories, and there's no better people I'd rather make memories with. I love each one of my family members so much!

So if your Thanksgiving didn't go exactly as planned, it's okay! Think of it as memory making. :D

Happy Thanksgiving and now.... Merry Christmas!

#thanksgiving #grateful #family

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