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Part 1: Where People Can Dream

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Most people know that I'm the worship minister at C3 Church. Or well, I was.

Is that a shocking statement? It is to me. Let me start off by saying that not much is changing with my involvement at C3 Church so, if you attend there, don't start getting concerned! I'll still be serving on the worship team when I'm not traveling, except now it'll be on the Dream Team!

If you've been following my journey this past year of 2019, you know that I've been doing more and more work towards a career in the music industry. I'll share more about that in another blog post tomorrow (which will be my first post of 2020!). Well, I've realized that I cannot both pursue a music career and give my best to the role of worship minister and, since you are probably a friend of mine reading this post, I wanted to keep you updated on what God is doing in my life!

In August of this year, I talked with our senior pastor, Matt Fry, about this dream of pursuing music full time. I was nervous about that conversation, but now I'm not sure why. Looking back, I'm sure I stuttered a lot and probably talked in circles for a while, but Pastor Matt was awesome. He said something this: "Andrew, we want this C3 to be a place where people can dream. And where they have the freedom to pursue the dreams that God has put on their hearts." That statement changed my life forever.

Since I’m a little ADD, I should stop here and tell all my fellow millennials raised on Disney that “This is What Dreams Are Made Of“ is playing on repeat in my mind right now. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

I had worked hard for a long time to do my best with the worship ministry of C3 Church. I can't say I did a perfect job, but I definitely did my best. I was so focused on dreaming for the ministry that, for the past 6 years, I put most personal dreams aside. So when God began working in me and putting this music career on my heart, it was a surprise.

There's not enough space, even in a long blog post, to share everything that God spoke to me and every way He confirmed the things He was saying, but I'll sum it up by saying that God used Pastor Matt and Martha every step of the way.

It's funny how God does things like that. Order our steps in ways we didn't expect and then confirm it through the people we don't think would be on board with the plan.

So anyways...

A few weeks ago the C3 Staff got together and prayed over me going into this next season. The photos I've included here are ones taken during that time. I'm so thankful for Pastor Matt, Martha, and my C3 Family. We're all still family, I just play a different role now! I'm excited to be handing the reins of the worship ministry to Caleb Fry, who has been my right hand man for the past 3 years. He will be amazing at leading the team, and will take it to new heights! I already am so proud of him for the plans he has been making and how hard he’s been working!

Part 2 is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned for another post focused on looking forward to 2020. And, if you think of it, take time to thank God and pray a blessing over Pastor Matt and Martha for being the type of leaders who allow and encourage their people to DREAM.

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