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Baptized began as just a passion for ministry and what God does. The process that the believer goes through when they get baptized. When someone comes to Jesus and chooses to make that Faith in Jesus public through baptism, there is something special that happens with that choice and I wanted to write a song that celebrated that. Celebrated baptism, celebrated what God does, celebrated the incredible process of healing and renewal and rebirth, but also the joy that comes from baptism.

"Baptized in th water, in the blood, in 


About Andrew

Singer and songwriter Andrew Kurtz released his new song “Baptized” on Gospel music mogul Earl Bynum's L'Rae Entertainment label in partnership with Revival Music Company. This rising Contemporary Christian music artistHealing the world through music by inspiring people to get back up again; that's the message of Singer/Songwriter Andrew Kurtz. You’ll hear elements of pop, blues, gospel, and even worship anthems when listening to Andrew’s music. As a Worship Pastor for 7 years at a church of over 3,000, Andrew fuses his passion for ministry with a career in music. His releases are energetic and inviting but it’s the message, Andrew says, that’s the most important part of every song. His faith the deepest inspiration behind each lyric. Andrew recently won the 2020 Independent Gospel Artist Alliance Award for Christian Contemporary Music Artist of the Year and was on the first-round ballot of the 2020 Dove Awards. 

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Baptized_Final_Cover (1).jpg
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Baptized - Andrew Kurtz - Single

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