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In December of 2018 I was driving on Interstate 40 in Raleigh, NC, when suddenly a bald eagle flew right in front of my windshield. I was shocked to see such a majestic bird in the center of downtown Raleigh, but I had been praying for a "Word of The Year" for the upcoming 2019 and there I had it; SOAR. I have to admit that I didn't know what all that meant, but it sounded awesome.

Fast forward to May of 2019. I was in Guatemala on a missions trip with C3 and I heard God speak to me again. This time it was "Andrew, you're never going to soar if you won't leave the nest." I knew exactly what that meant, thought I don't know that I was entirely ready to face it yet. It meant that it was time to step down from my role at C3 and step into a full-time music ministry calling that I had been sensing. "WHAT!?" I had thought I'd be working at C3 forever! But, as we know, "best laid plans" and all.


For the next few months, I spent time processing what I was hearing from God. I asked a lot of questions of God and of myself. "Why?" No answer. "How?" No answer. "Where do I go?" Answer: "I'll show you." "Why?" Answer: "It's time."

So I talked with Pastor Matt about it. I was so nervous and probably talked in circles quite a bit. I expected disappointment or frustration (the timing was not great), but what I received was support. He told me "Andrew, we want this to be a place where people can dream, and where they have the freedom to pursue the dreams that God has put on their hearts." In an instant, I felt free. The weight I'd been carrying of trying to figure everything out had been lifted in that moment. I spent the next few months working closely with Pastor Matt and Martha to walk out the details of what this all would look like.

Finally, my last day of being on staff at C3 came; December 24, 2019. I was happy, sad, excited, nervous. Looking forward to the future but sad to leave my former season behind. I will still be attending C3, serving as a volunteer worship leader with the worship team. I'm looking forward to still being connected with all my beloved friends and mentors there.

That brings us right up to now. I write this from San Diego, California, where I am spending the month of January 2020 on what I'm calling my "2020 Vision Retreat." Here I'm listening for God's voice, planning the rest of my year, working hard to make sure this new ministry is successful and doing A LOT of writing. I'm writing songs, devotionals, writing down new passions, journaling and more. All I know for sure is that my 2020 is going to be lived for HIM. To bring people to Him. To encourage and inspire them towards deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

I believe God is going to do a powerful work through the work of my hands in 2020, and I want to steward it well. Thank you for reading this. For being a friend. For supporting me as my family. This can't just be my journey. It must be shared with everyone. We are going to make a difference in this world for JESUS.

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